Skate Sizing Tips

Finding your perfect size
Foot length is crucial to find your ideal K2 Skates size. It is important to measure both feet, because they are often different. To select your size, choose the longer/wider foot and it’s better to do it in the evening or after sports when they are most swollen.

No tears, just fun
When it comes to fit, the most important area is in the heel pocket of the boot. The heel should stay put, without any movement when you kick and slide.

Proper sizing prevents blisters and also ruining the liner boot.

Instructions on how to measure your foot length:
  • 1. Wear your skating socks (the socks you would wear when you skate) and place your feet onto a piece of paper. One edge and your heel should be parallel and slightly touching the wall. We recommend standing and make sure you are on a truly flat surface.
  • 2. Trace your feet with a pencil to avoid leaving any serious markings on your feet/socks.
  • 3. Measure the length of your feet from the edge until the top of your longest toe.

We recommend to add a few millimeters to your foot length that you have enough space for kick and glide. When you check the foot length (cm) in your sizing chart, if you are in between you should round up to the next size.If you now look for your shoe size in our size chart, you should round up. (e.g. from 28.7 cm to 29 cm)