VO2 S 100 Boa® Mens


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    Experience the NEW one-sided V02 S series, the single sided frame is stiff and responsive with approximately 15% more absorption of road vibration. The VO2 100 BOA, is outfitted with the Boa Fit System which gives skaters the ability to fine-tune their fit while skating. No need to pull over, you can adjust the fit on the fly. Other features include 100mm wheels, a supportive and lightweight VO2 cuff and the revolutionary Vortech Ventilation System. The VO2 S series delivers comfort, performance and style is coupled with a patent pending, ridged, one-sided frame that brings both speed and a smooth ride while showing off its big wheels. *Note: Brake is removable but not compatible with left skate.

    Skate Category

    X-Training ,

    Skate Lacing

    Boa® Closure System ,

    Skate Frame

    VO2-S Frame ,

    Skate Bearings

    ILQ 9 Classic Plus ,

    Skate Cuff

    VO2 Cuff ,

    Skate Wheel Size

    100 mm ,

    Skate Features

    Flex Notch , Vortech Ventilation System ,